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About Us

About Us

Everyone loves Jack In The Box’s fresh food. I also love it, but my love for Jack In The Box didn’t stop with the food at the restaurant. I wanted to build an information blog related to the Jacklistens survey.

That thought on publishing informational content on Jack In The Box was the foundation for the ‘JacklistensCom.Co.’ In addition, our blog provides daily Jack In The Box news, rewards, and, most importantly, how to win a free Jumbo Jack or Supreme Croissant for every survey. Hmm, Yum! Right?

Jack In The Box’s giving so much in return for the little effort you put into taking the survey, right? I feel proud that Jack In The Box loves its customers and would love to have a healthy relationship with every customer they serve.

So, why late? Go to and participate in the Jacklistens survey.